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France and beyond

Worldwide photographer rooted in Caen, bringing diverse perspectives to every lens.

I deliver exceptional photography, exceeding your expectations in both form and content. Whether you need portraits, company branding, event coverage, culinary imagery, product shots, or architectural wonders captured, I’m dedicated to crafting images that reflect your vision perfectly. Studios or stunning locations – Normandy or beyond – I adapt to your needs, working solo or collaborating with a skilled team to achieve the desired results.


Beyond words: Communicating with impact through images.

My Studio is based in Caen. I work in Normandy and all over France, as well as abroad for professionals.

Every day, I put all my energy and know-how into creating images that reflect your personality.

To offer you the most beautiful images, Photo 911 photographe Caen works in all areas of photography and video.



+ Portrait

Corporate, business, linkedin…

+ Culinaire / Food

Enhance your products with staging
and careful lighting

+ Architecture

Interior and exterior architecture, interior design, real estate, heritage, hotels, site supervision, retail…

+ Product photos

Packshot photography, product photos for sales media, catalogs and websites.

+ Tourist Office
Landscape / Lifestyle

Reveal the beauty and soul of your territory through unique and inspiring images.

+ Industry

Industrial photography and corporate reportage for business, press and industry.



Why call on a professional photographer in Caen?

Photography, a powerful tool for your business

In the digital age, images have become a central element of communication. Professional photography is a powerful tool for :

  • Enhance your brand image and stand out from the competition.
  • Stimulate emotion and create a lasting bond with your customers.
  • Tell your story and share your values.
  • Promote your products and services and increase your sales.

Corporate video and film production

A corporate video is a powerful communication tool for presenting your company or products in Caen and the surrounding area.

In just a few minutes, it allows you to :

  • Highlighting your assets and your DNA
  • Present your activities, know-how, values and achievements
  • Highlight your employees’ commitment
  • Spreading a positive, inspiring message

Condensed, punchy and memorable, it will impact your audience and reinforce your brand image.


With over 10 years’ experience as a freelance photographer in Caen and Normandy. As a multidisciplinary photographer, I am able to offer a wide range of photographic services. I can set up a real photo studio on your premises, shoot with a drone, and create staged scenes with the props of your choice, both indoors and in natural light. I have perfect mastery of photo retouching techniques to guarantee you visuals that are faithful to your expectations.

Beyond technique, I’ve become convinced that good photography is the fruit of constructive exchanges. I like to listen to your project and get to know your expectations, which enables me to advise you and provide you with personalized solutions. Here’s why it’s a good idea to hire a photographer in Caen. I can also travel anywhere in Normandy. I can meet with you and take care of your photography needs in Le Havre, Rouen, Alençon or Cherbourg.

Having a good network of image professionals based in Caen is also one of my assets. I’m surrounded by a team of video artists, stylists, graphic designers, art directors… and I call on their talents depending on the scope and type of my projects!

Professional corporate photographer in Caen

My aim is to help you enhance your corporate image. I believe in the impact of beautiful photos to tell your story, arouse emotions and give your company an identity.

A true visual identity for your company

I’m much more than a photographer. I’m an image-maker. My commitment to quality, creativity and precision drives me to exceed expectations. Each photo is the result of careful thought, meticulous composition and the use of advanced professional equipment.

A range of services tailored to your needs

Whether you need striking portraits, corporate images, event coverage, mouth-watering food photography, professional packshots or impressive architectural shots, I have the expertise to meet your needs. My varied experience in different areas of photography enables me to offer you a complete range of services.

A versatile studio

My studio is designed to meet all your photographic needs, whether in the studio or on location, in Caen, Normandy or elsewhere. My fully equipped kitchen is at your disposal for culinary projects, allowing you to create images that will seduce your customers.

Professional equipment for perfect results

The quality of my photos depends on the quality of my equipment. In particular, I use a 100-megapixel medium-format camera that captures every detail with exceptional sharpness. My arsenal includes a variety of photo backgrounds to suit your creative needs, as well as all the accessories and professional flashes required for successful shoots.

A complete range of services

My expertise is not limited to shooting. I also offer image retouching services to ensure that every photo is exactly what you want it to be. Whether it’s an individual portrait, a product packshot or a culinary photo shoot, I pay the same meticulous attention to detail.

Every project is unique, just like every company. That’s why I listen carefully to your needs and ideas. I work with you to turn your vision into reality, using my expertise to guide you through every step of the photographic process.

Discover my portfolio

To better understand my artistic approach and my expertise in photography, I invite you to explore my portfolio. Here you’ll find examples of my previous projects, each one a story captured through my lens.