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Architecture Photographer

Architectural photography, a challenge the size of a building

At Photo911, we believe that architectural photography can truly bring out the personality and history of a building. That’s why we strive to create images that highlight the form, textures and details of every building we photograph. Our team of photographers uses the latest tools in architectural photography to create high-quality images. We work with decentering lenses to correct distorted perspectives and medium-format cameras to capture clearer, more detailed images. We also use drones to obtain unique aerial views of your buildings.

We understand that every project is unique, and we strive to capture the personality of each building as faithfully as possible. We get involved in every project, working closely with our customers to understand their objectives and vision. We are a team of passionate architectural photographers, committed to creating superior images for construction professionals. So why not let us capture the beauty of your next project? Contact us today to find out more about our architectural photography services.

Enhancing architecture

Commercial or administrativebuildings, residential or professional buildings, interior design, heritage, commercial architecture, decoration, industrial and administrative buildings, luxury homes, hotels, real estate, heritage, bed and breakfasts… I’ll help you enhance all your architectural projects with my photographs. From site supervision to pre-delivery shots, my approach to spaces allows me to showcase the know-how and expertise behind your project.

Mastering all the techniques of this specialty and having the specific equipment to carry out this type of order, I strive to offer quality photos respecting a careful composition and framing, harmonious perspectives, work on the light and a faithful rendering of the images. colors and textures for a rendering natural and sublimated.

In architecture, not all locations have the same complexity of approach and rendering. Calling on a professional ensures quality and follow-up throughout the entire photographic production chain, so that you get a series of images that will enhance your work as an architect or decorator, so that you can communicate about your projects and win new business!

Architectural photography calls for a rigorous approach to enhancing a site, whether indoors or outdoors.

Specific shooting equipment

Equipped with professional equipment (several digital cameras, wide-angle lens, off-center lens, etc.) and appropriate software (Lightroom, Photoshop), my mastery of these various tools allows me to give free rein to my creativity to enhance, through photography, your architectural and/or decorative work.

The choice of material is crucial to capturing the unique details and perspectives of each building. Architects, engineers and architectural photographers can use a variety of tools to produce high-quality images for their projects.

Thedecentering lens is an essential tool for architectural photographers, allowing them to correct distorted perspectives and create sharper, clearer images. Offset lenses have the ability to move the lens relative to the camera body, compensating for distorted perspectives that can occur when shooting tall buildings.

Medium-format cameras are also popular with architectural photographers. Medium-format cameras offer higher resolution and greater depth of field, making them ideal for shooting complex, detailed buildings. What’s more, medium-format cameras give photographers more precise control over light and exposure settings, making them particularly useful for photographs of interiors and architectural details.

Finally, perspective is a key element in architectural photography. Photographers can play with perspective by using techniques such as aerial shots, bird’s-eye or low-angle shots, or by using unusual angles to highlight the unique features of each building.

Whether you’re an architect, interior decorator, creative project manager or designer working on your own, in a company, local authority or advertising and communications agency, I can help you with my photography to enhance your projects. When you call on a professional architectural photographer, you can be sure of obtaining a consistent photographic result that meets all your needs and is technically impeccable. It’s the certainty of knowing that shooting difficulties will be anticipated. A professional photographer knows how to adapt photography to the specific needs of each type of customer. Specialized in architecture, in most cases I have to respect the specifications provided by the customer. Once all the elements have been taken into account, the work of the auteur photographer can begin, to bring an additional eye and vision to magnify the work.

Based in Caen, I travel throughout Normandy (Deauville, Rouen, Le Havre…). And throughout France, including Paris, Lyon, Lille, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Nantes, Rennes, Bayonne, Toulouse, Nice and Strasbourg.

A little culture

There are several well-known websites for architects and architecture enthusiasts. Here are some of the best websites for discovering new projects, industry articles and resources for architects:

  1. ArchDaily: This website is a platform for the latest and most innovative architectural projects from around the world. It also features articles on the architecture industry, advice for professionals and resources for architecture students.

  2. Dezeen: Dezeen is a website dedicated to interior design, fashion, technology and architecture. It features articles on the latest and most innovative projects, as well as resources for industry professionals.

  3. Architizer: Architizer is a reference website for architects and architecture enthusiasts. It features a directory of architectural projects around the world, as well as industry articles, resources for professionals and career opportunities.

  4. AIA: The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a website dedicated to professional architects in the United States. It offers resources for industry professionals, industry articles and career opportunities.

These are just some of the best websites for architects and architecture enthusiasts. It’s always good to keep abreast of the latest trends, innovations and projects in the architecture industry, and these sites can be a great resource for that.

What makes a good architectural photo?

Here are a few characteristics that can help determine whether an architectural photo is successful:

  1. Composition: Composition is a key element in all photography, including architectural photography. Good composition can help emphasize the lines, shapes and textures of the architecture, creating an attractive visual balance for the viewer.

  2. Lighting: Lighting is also a key element in architectural photography. A good architectural photo should use appropriate lighting to highlight the details and textures of the architecture, while creating adequate contrast and brightness.

  3. Perspective: Perspective can make all the difference in an architectural photo. A creative perspective can help highlight the unique details and forms of architecture, while creating a distinctive point of view for the viewer.

  4. Details: Details are important in architectural photography. A good architectural photo should capture unique architectural details, such as lines, shapes and textures, to bring the architecture to life.

  5. Storytelling: Finally, a good architectural photo should tell a story. It should give an idea of the function, significance and importance of the architecture for the viewer, creating an emotional connection between the photo and the subject.

These criteria may vary according to each photographer’s personal vision, but they can help determine whether an architectural photo is successful and worthy of sharing.