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Passionate about images and creative, I decided to put my skills and enthusiasm to good use in my professional career: today I’m a graphic designer and photographer by trade. Looking for a photographer in Normandy ? Please contact me!



Over the past 10 years, I’ve travelled the length and breadth of Normandy (and the whole of France!), working in a wide range of fields: press, corporate, cultural and sporting events, packshots and architecture. My development in my two complementary professions means that I can also easily manage all post-production work, image retouching, etc., for my clients. So I never fail to keep abreast of the latest innovations and trends, which feed my sensibility and my work. A lover of new discoveries and new challenges, no project has yet managed to frighten me! I still enjoy putting my stamp on every visual project.

A project, a desire, a challenge? I’ll let you discover my images on my website…



Enhanced by meticulous staging
and careful lighting


Interior and exterior architecture, decoration photography, interior design, real estate, heritage, hotels, retail...


Corporate portrait photography : Portraits of managers, employees, customers and partners Profile portraits for social networks Group photos

Tourist office / Landscape / Lifestyle

Corporate events, reportage...


Enhanced by meticulous staging
and careful lighting


Interior and exterior architecture, decoration photography, interior design, real estate, heritage, hotels, retail...

& events

Corporate events, reportage...





Services include: travel in France and abroad, high-resolution digital photography in RAW 21 or 50 MP format, using a digital medium format or digital reflex (camber and medium format film possible), global retouching of images: exposure, colorimetry, contrast, framing, digital noise, simple retouching included (each photo delivered is individually worked on and corrected), export of image files in SRVB, 300 DPI JPEG format for printing and resized JPEG format for Internet use and slide shows, set-up on a dedicated server.

Assignment of copyright: reproduction and distribution rights assigned for the legal duration of the economic rights. Use of images for catalogs, exhibitions, flyers, press kits, internet/intranet sites, social networks, communication documents, not including reproduction and distribution for space purchase, possibility of assigning additional copyrights for any commercial use of photographs (public display, packaging…..).

Hosting on my website of a private “customer space” accessible by password for sharing your images with no limit on numbers.


Studio portrait : From 150 euros
Corporate portrait: From 300 euros
Corporate, editorial, institutional reportage: From 300 euros
Real estate, commercial premises, hotel, bed and breakfast, restaurant: From 150 euros

Services can vary from one hour to several days of shooting, in Normandy, throughout France or abroad.

Service details

Shooting :
On-site travel
High-resolution digital photography using medium format and/or digital SLR.
Use of studio flashes as required
Digital station

Post-production processing :
RAW file backup and backup on 2 separate locations
Overall image enhancement: exposure, colorimetry, contrast, framing, digital noise
RAW to 16-bit TIFF conversion – Adobe RGB color space (for advanced retouching)
Advanced retouching: contrast, brightness, perspective, cleaning, etc. (depending on the type of work)
Image conversion in JPEG or TIFF format – SRGB or Adobe RGB profile – export in 300 DPI and in reduced dimensions for Internet use in 72 DPI.
Transfer of images and/or provision of an online gallery

Why use a photographer in Normandy for your business?

For a company, photographs posted on social networks and websites, or to be published on print media, are of particular importance. They serve as a direct link with customers and a showcase for the company. Photography is an integral part of our communication strategy. Internet users are more interested in an attractive image than in text…

A professional photographer in Normandy contributes considerably to improving your company’s image and the respect it commands. Indeed, the professional quality of the photos you publish demonstrates your professionalism, enhancing your credibility. Moreover, photos are still the best way to raise people’s awareness by attracting their attention. Beautiful, well-crafted, well-taken, professional-quality photos increase a company’s chances of getting noticed.

For example, if a company wants to be innovative, it needs to publish photos that appeal to consumers. A true corporate communication tool, customers only need to look at it to understand the message. As a result, visuals play a very important role, more than just illustrative props.

Benefit from unique photographic expertise in Calvados

A photographer brings his or her experience to the table. He knows how to play with different angles, lighting and natural light to sublimate the rendering of your photos and highlight what you want. Expertise in image processing is also essential.

Why choose a photographer in Normandy dedicated to my business?

With over a decade’s experience in professional photography in Calvados and Normandy, or anywhere in mainland France, your photographer in Caen and Le Havre, Photo 911, can adapt to every situation and every need. A real source of ideas, he brings his expertise to bear on the production of your product photos, your photo reports for company presentations, or your virtual tour media, using high-impact photo montages.

It’s a real partnership you’re building by using the services of your professional photographer in Caen. You know your products, you have precise expectations, and your photographer will take care of highlighting them with his personal touch and the added value that will make all the difference.

Her perfect mastery of graphic design techniques and ease of use of photo retouching software enable your photographer in Caen and Photographe à Paris to deliver quality images. Choosing a professional photographer in Caen means setting up a genuine partnership to cover your corporate events and promote your business effectively and efficiently. Photo 911 is also photography for tourism professionals.