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Packshot photographer

You’re about to enter a world where products become the stars of the stage, where the simple tin can becomes a marvel of design. Welcome to the realm of packshot photography, where Photo 911 showcases your product with a level of care and attention worthy of a supermodel. Whether you’re a cosmetics manufacturer, online retailer or food company, our team of professionals invites you to discover how we can enhance your brand image with our packshot photography skills.

Product Packshot Photographer

Packshot photography is a type of commercial photography that aims to present products in a professional and attractive way for use in advertising, on websites or in product catalogs. This form of photography is often used by companies to enhance the quality of their brand image and draw consumers’ attention to their products.

Key features of good packshot photography include even, shadow-free lighting, a neutral, distraction-free background, simple, attractive staging, a judiciously chosen camera angle, and photo retouching to improve image quality. Using these techniques, Photo 911 can create attractive, professional images that can help companies sell their products.

Lighting is a key element in packshot photography. It should be uniform and shadow-free to highlight product details. Photo 911 often uses diffused lighting with softboxes to control the light and eliminate shadows. However, it’s important to note that lighting must be adjusted to suit each product to achieve the best possible rendering.

The background is also an important element of packshot photography. It must be neutral and free of distractions, so that attention is fully focused on the product. Photo 911 often uses a white or gray background to create a neutral effect, but other colors can be used depending on the needs of each product.

Staging is also a key element in packshot photography. It should be simple and attractive, presenting the product clearly and concisely. Photo 911 can use props and decorative elements to reinforce the product’s message, but it’s important not to overdo it to avoid unnecessary distractions.

The angle of view is another important element in packshot photography. It should be chosen to show the product at its best. We can use different angles to accentuate key product features, but it’s important not to choose an angle that hides or distorts the most important characteristics.

Finally, photo retouching can be used to improve image quality and eliminate imperfections. We use various photo retouching techniques to eliminate unwanted shadows, adjust colors, correct color and light levels, and improve product detail. However, it’s important not to overdo it to avoid distorting reality and creating a misleading product image.

In conclusion, packshot photography is a crucial type of commercial photography for companies looking to present their products in a professional and attractive way. The studio uses techniques such asuniform lighting, a neutral background, simple staging, a judicious camera angle, and photo retouching to create high-quality images that can help companies sell their products. If you need to photograph your products for use in advertising or online sales, don’t hesitate to contact Photo 911 for top-quality images that will help you achieve your business goals.

Packshot photography rates

Packshot photography is a key tool for showcasing your product and enhancing your brand image. However, cost can be a decisive factor in choosing a photographer. That’s why it’s important to understand the different elements that influence packshot photography prices.

  1. Product complexity: The more complex or difficult the product is to photograph, the higher the cost. For example, food products often require more careful staging and more precise lighting than simple products.

  2. Shooting time: Shooting time depends on the number of products to be photographed and the complexity of the framing. The more products and the more complex the framing, the longer it will take to shoot them, and the higher the cost.

  3. Equipment needed: Equipment needed for packshot photography can include white backgrounds, lights, tripods, special lenses, etc. The cost of this equipment can vary considerably, depending on the quality and quantity required.

  4. Post-production: Post-production can include retouching the image, correcting color, removing defects and adding special effects. This process can be costly, especially if the quantity of images is large.

    In general, rates for packshot photography can vary from a few hundred to several thousand euros, depending on the elements mentioned above. It’s important to discuss your needs and budget with the photographer to determine the most appropriate rate for your business.

When you choose Photo 911 for your packshot photography, you can rest assured that you’ll receive top-quality, professional service at a competitive price. We are committed to working with you to determine your needs and to providing you with a detailed quote for our services. Contact us today to find out more about our packshot photography rates.

Why call on photo 911 in Caen for successful product photos?

Photo 911 is a professional photography company based in Caen, Normandy, specializing in product packshots. Here are just a few reasons to call on Photo 911 for successful product photos:

Experience and expertise

The Photo 911 team has considerable experience and expertise in product photography. They have worked with many companies of different sizes and industries to create high-quality product images. They know how to find the best angle to showcase products, and how to work with Normandy companies to create images that match their brand image.

Professional equipment

Photo 911 uses top-quality professional photography equipment to guarantee clear, detailed product images. We use top-of-the-range cameras, specialized lenses, studio flash and image-editing software. This enables them to createsuperior product images that meet industry standards and customer expectations.

Customized services

Photo 911 offers customized services to meet the specific needs of each company. They work closely with companies to ensure that product images match their brand image and quality requirements. They can also offer styling services to ensure that products are presented in a professional and attractive manner.


Photo 911 is flexible and can work with companies to meet their product packshot needs. They can work with companies in Normandy and Caen of all sizes and in all sectors. They can also work with companies that have specific product photography needs, such as bulky products or products that require delicate handling.

Added value

Photo 911 can add value to product packshots by offering additional services such as image retouching, advice and expertise. We can help you improve the quality of their product images and facilitate product distribution.

Calling on Photo 911 for successful product photos is a wise decision for companies looking to boost the quality of their images. Photo 911 has considerable experience and expertise in the field of product photography, uses top-quality professional equipment, offers customized services and is flexible to meet the specific needs of each company.

We’ve worked witha wide range of companies in different sectors, such as food, fashion, luxury goods, beauty products and so on. We understand that every company has specific needs and requirements when it comes to product packshots, which is why we work closely with our customers to understand their needs and create images that match their brand image.

We are also proud to work with foreign customers. We are able to communicate in English and French, enabling us to work with customers from different countries. We are able to understand the cultural differences and industry standards of each country to create product images that meet their expectations.

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