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Production of high-impact videos

Video production in Caen, Normandy

Creative audiovisual agency

We create videos to capture your audience's attention to present your product   to stand out from the crowd to present your company

Looking for an audiovisual agency in Caen? Welcome to Video911! Our studio specializes in the creation of corporate and advertising films, motion design and event filming. Our Normandy audiovisual studio brings together all the talents needed to produce professional, high-impact videos.

We help companies engage their audiences by producing impactful videos tailored to their brand, purpose and industry.

Engaging videos
to meet your objectives

Video has established itself as a formidable communication tool, and the figures bear this out. According to a recent study, video content generates up to 1200% more shares on social networks than text and images combined. What’s more, with over a billion hours of video viewed daily on YouTube, the medium’s reach is indisputable, with information memorization considerably higher with video, reaching up to 95%, compared to just 10% for text.

Video creation in Caen & Normandy


+ Corporate film

A corporate film is a powerful communication tool for presenting your company, products or services in a captivating and memorable way.

More than just a video, it’s a real story that highlights your assets and your DNA.

+ Advertising film

An advertising film is a short video intended to promote a product, service or brand.

Broadcast on TV, on the Internet or in cinemas, it must capture the public’s attention and persuade them to act.

+ Event capture

Your event is unique, we make it unforgettable.

Event capture is a service that allows you to capture the highlights of your event in video and/or stills.

+ Motion Design

Get your message across in a captivating and engaging way with motion design.

Motion design is the art of animation and graphics in motion. It allows you to create dynamic, interactive visuals that stand out from the crowd and attract attention.

Our achievements

Discover some of our projects, where creativity merges with know-how to bring our customers’ videos to life.

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How does it work?

Step 1

The brief: collaboration and creativity for a video that reflects your image

Let‘s talk during a meeting in Caen, Paris or remotely to identify your needs and refine your objective.

Let’s work together to develop an original and powerful video concept that will captivate your target audience.

Our commitment: a unique video that respects your budget and schedule.

Once the brief is perfectly defined, we set to work with energy and creativity to develop a video concept that meets your expectations.

Step 2

Scriptwriting and storyboarding: bringing your vision to life

A precise scenario and powerful images

After an in-depth analysis of your project, we write a detailed script and create a storyboard, consisting of visual sketches that illustrate each scene.

Close collaboration for optimum results

Throughout this stage, we discuss the script and storyboard with you on a regular basis, incorporating your comments and suggestions to ensure that the final result perfectly meets your expectations.

Validation and next step

Once you’ve approved the storyboard, we can launch the shooting phase.

Mobility and flexibility to meet your needs

Our team is mobile and can travel to Paris, throughout France and Europe to carry out your video project.

Step 3

Creating the first montage

After shooting, we select and assemble the footage to create a first version of your video.

Close collaboration for optimum results

Throughout this stage, we regularly exchange with you to refine the layout, taking into account your comments and suggestions.

Completion and delivery

Once you’re happy with the result, we’ll finalize the video and deliver it in the format of your choice.

Step 4

Distribution and support

Is your video ready?

We offer free training to help you distribute it effectively.

Maximize your visibility

Together, we work out an optimal distribution strategy for your video, both internally and externally.

Personalized support

We’re here to answer your questions and help you get the most out of your video.

Our services

We work with you to identify your needs, advise you and take charge of producing your video content from A to Z.

Corporate films

Our corporate films are a faithful and authentic representation of your company. They serve to highlight your story, your mission and your values in a professional and elegant way. Through quality production and subtle storytelling, we reinforce your company’s credibility, while conveying its unique personality. Every detail is taken into account to create a corporate film that reflects your company’s values.i


Video interviews are an authentic way for your employees, customers or partners to express themselves. We create an environment where people can share their experiences, perspectives and ideas in a natural, unadorned way. These videos add a human touch to your business and boost your audience’s confidence by showing the faces behind your successes.

Event video

Significant moments deserve to be captured in a remarkable way. Our event videos capture every memorable moment, from professional conferences to corporate seminars. We document emotions, reactions and key moments to create lasting visual memories. Our videos give you the opportunity to communicate effectively about your actions.

Activity presentation

Business presentation videos are an essential tool for presenting your company in a clear and convincing way. We turn your vision into an impactful video that explains exactly what you do, why you do it, and what sets you apart from the competition. Our videos attract the attention and engagement of your potential customers. Our aim is to showcase your company in a memorable and impactful way.

Product video

Presenting a product in a convincing and informative way is essential to arouse your customers’ interest. Our product videos highlight the distinctive features and benefits of your products in a creative and precise way. We use engaging visual techniques to illustrate how your products meet your customers’ needs. Our aim is to present your products in a captivating way that arouses genuine interest and leaves a lasting impression.