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Caen, capital of Normandy

Top attractions, a variety of activities, exceptional walks… Wouldn’t you like to live in a city full of interesting surprises? Don’t you want to discover new horizons? If so, then Caen is the best destination for you.

Caen is the ideal place to make your wildest dreams come true. With its many historical, cultural, religious and tourist assets, this city offers its inhabitants a diversity that is unique in the world. You won’t regret your decision. If so, here’s everything you need to know about Caen, the city of a hundred steeples.

Caen: the ideal city

Caen is part of the Paris Basin in France. It’s a French commune in north-western France in the Normandy region. Prefecture of the Calvados département, it was the capital of the former Basse-Normandie region. Today, it’s known as the “City of a Hundred Steeples”, like Rouen.

Caen is also located in the north-central part of Calvados, in the middle of its plain. The town was founded in a marshy alluvial valley at the confluence of the Odon and Orne rivers. This is how the urban area of Caen came to develop on the plateau.

When you visit this city, you get the feeling of exceptional organization. To the west of the town, for example, lies the Normandy bocage (Bessin and Bocage virois). This area offers a unique setting for developing agricultural activities. To the east of the town, on the other hand, is the Pays d’Auge. This neighbor provides the town with a highly developed commercial activity.

In addition, there is a plain to the south of Caen. The latter extends right up to Normandy’s border with the Pays de la Loire region. To the north, the town is home to the English Channel. It borders the urban area of Caen, making it an ideal place to spend your vacations.

Caen’s municipal territory covers 2,570 hectares. It’s a vast territory organized into well-defined areas. Today, the city has a population of 106,230. As a result, it is the most densely populated commune in the Calvados département. Which is an excellent asset for economic development!

The wonderful city of Guillaume Le Roux

Caen has an exceptional history. From a large, anarchic town, Caen became a major city, developing this part of France. Indeed, William the Red (former King of England) was the first person to create a fantasy park in Normandy. How did he do it?

In reality, William’s choice was guided by his desire for a capital city positioned at the center of the duchy. He wanted to impose his power in this eastern part of Normandy. So it was in the city that a treaty was signed to settle succession disputes.

From then on, the town continued to develop. Many administrative chiefs set up development programs to give it an exceptional face. Such is the case with Henri Beauclerc. He had a large keep built in Caen’s largest château. This project will position the city as an economic and tourism leader.

Unfortunately, Caen collapsed on May 21, 1204. However, the city will rise from the ashes thanks to all the actions that have been undertaken for its development.

Caen: a city in the throes of change

Caen is at the crossroads of several national and European cycle and greenways. The Voie verte from Caen to Ouistreham is a perfect example. It provides access to Ouistreham and the beaches of the Côte de Nacre by bicycle. A stay in this region would be a great idea!

In fact, the Caen conurbation is served by three freeways. These are: the A13, A84 and A88. They connect the city to Brittany, the Paris region and Maine. This boulevard enables the city to develop commercial activities with other European regions.

Caen is also the center of an old railway star. A local can travel to Paris or Rouen in less than 2 hours. Better still, Caen-Carpiquet is Normandy’s largest airport. That’s why we operate a regular service to all French cities three times a day on weekdays. And it offers connections to the whole of Europe.

In any case, urbanization is a sector that strongly characterizes the city. Today, it has over 60,000 homes. These are subdivided into primary residences, secondary residences, occasional residences and vacant dwellings. All tourists feel at home in this magnificent city.

The city boasts 500 hectares of green spaces and public gardens. Its neighborhoods (such as Bas de Venoix – prairie, Beaulieu – La Maladrerie – Saint-Paul or Le Calvaire Saint-Pierre) are the most visited in the region.

What to do in Caen : Must-do activities

Caen, capital of Calvados, is a city with a rich history that has stood the test of time. With its dynamic city center, green spaces, gastronomy, culture, museums and proximity to the sea, the city has many facets. This way, there’s plenty to do.

Searching for the city’s hundred bell towers

Like other French cities, Caen is known as the “city of 100 steeples”. Why? This is due to its large number of religious buildings. Today, the commune boasts a dozen religious buildings throughout the city. Such is the case of the Saint-Pierre-de-Caen church and its tower, which features a blend of Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Discover the city in an unusual way

Getting to know a city sometimes means getting off the beaten track. The city of Caen offers themed tours to discover the city in an unusual way, such as musical or audio walks, theatrical strolls or tours for children.

Cycling in and around the city

Cycling enthusiasts are in for a treat in this city. Numerous themed tours are organized to discover the different aspects of Caen, thanks to the cycle paths that criss-cross the center.

For those who love the sea air, the Vélo Francette itinerary will take them directly to Ouistreham, whose banks still bear many vestiges. The bravest will head further south for a more hilly route.

Sailing the canal from Caen to the sea

Despite its distance from the sea, Caen has a marina: the Bassin Saint-Pierre in the city center. This area is increasingly open to nautical activities. These include canoeing, kayaking and stand-up paddling, which allow you to discover the city and its surroundings with just a few strokes of the paddle.

A gastronomic break in the Vaugueux district

Coming to Caen also means discovering its gastronomy. No fewer than 4 Michelin-starred restaurants are located in the Calvados capital. She thus becomes the queen of gastronomy, highlighting the region’s dishes. For food and drink, there’s no better place than the Rue de Vaugueux, with its abundance of restaurants and bars.

Enjoy a cultural getaway in one of the many contemporary art museums

With such a rich history, it’s only logical that Caen should have a number of museums. Above all, however, it’s art that takes center stage. In addition to the Musée des Beaux-Arts, the town also boasts the Artothèque. This space is entirely dedicated to contemporary art from the 1950s to the present day.

What’s more, the downtown area has been enriched by the Galerie des sens. It’s a gallery-studio dedicated to creation and artists. A real place of exchange, with workshops for young and old alike!

Go green with the many natural spaces

Caen boasts almost 500 hectares of green spaces throughout the city. There are gardens, squares and open spaces (such as the Jardin des Plantes, La Prairie and Bird Hill). These enable Caennais residents to relax or practice a sport in small natural spots nestled in the heart of the city. These spaces are ideal for fresh air!

Discover Festyland with the kids

If you’re coming to Caen as a family, take your kids to the Festyland park. With this park, you’re sure to give them a great time. In fact, it’s an amusement park with some thirty games, all based on the history of Normandy.

By taking your toddlers on a tour of the site, you can stimulate their imaginations by immersing them in comical worlds. They’ll discover stories of pirates, knights, the Belle-Époque and the Vikings. Slides, rides, buoys, gastronome, motorized courses… Everything is in place to guarantee you an unforgettable visit.

Caen: The best detour in France!

Caen is a lively, bustling metropolis with numerous development prospects. Beautiful neighborhoods in the city center and on the outskirts, beautiful architecture in the city center, beautiful stores for a small fee. Bars, restaurants… Visitors can enjoy their stay in Normandy’s most beautiful city with complete peace of mind.

Despite its medium size, Caen is a pleasant city to live in. The city is young and dynamic, thanks to the students who keep Caen’s terraces busy. It’s a real favorite and well worth the detour. So if you want to have the time of your life, visit the city of a hundred steeples: Caen! And why not immortalize the experience with the best Caen photographer.