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Corporate Photography/ Corporate & Industrial

Professional corporate, industrial and business photographer in Caen

As a professional industrial & corporate photographer in Caen, I work in the field of corporate, industrial and business photography. In this context, I work with private companies, the public sector (administrations, local authorities), associations and more broadly all fields where corporate reporting (for internal press, advertising or communication), reporting on events organized by the company (for internal and external communication) or the enhancement of various construction sites or industrial sites.

Promoting companies and industries through photography

Whatever your communication objectives and needs, photography can be used as a tool to enhance your company’s image, both internally and externally. My job as a photographer is to showcase and highlight corporate life and the day-to-day lives of the company’s staff and employees in all areas of activity. These reports can be produced in offices, on industrial sites or anywhere the company is active.

How do I work?

It all starts with a meeting and a briefing on your needs, so that we understand the purpose of the report and can meet your expectations. No two requests are alike, and every company has its own needs.

Do you want to showcase your products, how they’re made, your employees and the way they work? There are as many artistic paths and choices as there are people and companies. If it’s a report, I go deep inside the company to capture its DNA. If necessary, I can set the scene to suit the brief, but I prefer instantaneous and “natural” shots as much as possible.

When it comes to event coverage, your peace of mind is one of my top priorities. Once we’ve defined the key moments of the event together, I work independently to provide you with the photographs you’d expect from a professional photographer.

You’re a professional in your sector and rightly want your image to represent your company professionally? A professional photographer specializing in corporate, industrial and business photography is here to help you build the communication you want. My contacts can be agencies, communications or marketing departments, executives or any other department or person with corporate, industrial or business photography needs.

Contact me so that we can discuss your needs together.