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Aerial photography

Aerial photography is one of the most popular services offered by drone photographers. Drones can capture breathtaking aerial images of landscapes, events and properties, offering unique and spectacular views(source).

As holders of an official drone pilot license issued by the DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile), we are authorized to operate drones under optimal, professional conditions. This accreditation not only attests to our adherence to rigorous specifications as image professionals, but also confirms our commitment to complying with all safety procedures before and during each service.

Strict compliance with air traffic control regulations is of paramount importance, given the significant stakes involved. That’s why we take all the necessary precautions when flying drones. Prior to each flight, a request for authorization must be submitted to the prefectural authorities, adapted to the context and specific flight conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Some of our services

Our drone services throughout France

Photo / Video

We produce aerial photos and videos

Site supervision

We document the progress of your projects


Promoting the area, accommodation services and leisure activities

Innovative and inventive aerial capture

When it comes to photography and audiovisuals, you can count on me to produce your photos and films, and more generally to meet your image requirements for promoting your company. Every year, I produce a substantial number of reports in a variety of fields, frequently integrating my skills as a drone pilot to carry out aerial captures for local authorities, designers, industrial complexes, hotel services, and so on.

Together, we start by drawing up a set of specifications tailored to your needs. I take charge of the regulatory and legislative aspects. Alone or accompanied, I travel all over France, in Normandy and around Caen to capture images at altitude and/or ground level (aerial photos and films). This is followed by the image processing phase, including the modification of drone photos or the assembly of aerial sequences in 4K, then delivery within the agreed timeframe.


Our equipment

We use professional equipment to meet your expectations.
Aerial shots


Photo 911 carries out drone operations using multi-purpose aircraft. We use drones with optimum video, photo and flight capabilities. These lightweight, efficient machines boast excellent autonomy.

They are designed for all types of flight and meet the highest safety standards, a condition also guaranteed by our strict commitment to obtaining the required authorizations and complying with current legislation.

From a technical point of view, we record in 4K and capture your operations in 48-megapixel images.



All post-production (retouching and editing) is carried out using professional software. Years of experience in the field have enabled us to master these programs.

Ground shots


Always with a view to providing a complete service and satisfying your image needs. Our aerial reports are very often accompanied by ground shots. To achieve this, we are equipped with the very latest high-performance photo and video cameras.

These are cameras with resolutions ranging from 34 to 100 million pixels, and sensors considered to be the best on the market. These are accompanied by a wide range of lenses of different focal lengths, each with its own renowned optical qualities.


Our tools


DJI drones, the world’s leading manufacturer of civil drones, combine innovation and performance. Designed for amateurs and professionals alike, they offer state-of-the-art technology for aerial capture. The wide range of models can be adapted to a variety of uses, guaranteeing image quality, flight stability and safety.


Sony hybrid cameras redefine modern photography. Combining compactness and high performance, they offer outstanding image quality and ultra-fast focusing. Their lightweight, rugged design and advanced features make capturing sublime moments easy and efficient, making Sony hybrid cameras a top choice for professional photographers and videographers.


DJI stabilizers transform video-making. Offering impressive stabilization, they eliminate camera shake, guaranteeing smooth, professional shots. Compact and ergonomic, DJI stabilizers are essential tools for videographers seeking to capture dynamic images without compromising on quality and precision, ensuring outstanding visual productions.

Safety rules to be followed to the letter

In many countries, authorization or a license is required to use a drone for commercial purposes. It is also important to respect authorized and prohibited flight zones.

A thorough understanding of the drone is essential. Before flying, you should ensure that you are familiar with all the functions of the aircraft, and undergo training if necessary. This step enables you to control the drone and anticipate any potential problems.

It is crucial to always respect the drone’s height and flight distance limits. These limits are set to ensure everyone’s safety and avoid collisions with other aircraft in the air.

Compliance with drone safety rules is essential to ensure safe and responsible use of these fascinating devices. It’s a good idea to keep up to date with the latest regulations and best practices, to make the most of the drone flying experience while ensuring everyone’s safety.



In France, drone legislation is managed by the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile (DGAC). For professional use, a telepilot must hold a training certificate and a specific authorization. It is important to consult the official DGAC website for all the latest information.

Drone benefits

The Rise of Drone Photography

Drones have revolutionized the world of photography, offering a new perspective and unprecedented access to aerial views. They can fly to heights and locations inaccessible to ground-based photographers, offering a variety of unique angles and views(source).

Various applications

Real estate

In real estate, drones are used to capture aerial images of properties, offering a complete and detailed view to potential buyers. Read this article for more information on the use of drones in real estate.


Drones are also used to photograph events such as weddings and festivals, providing memorable souvenirs from an unprecedented angle(source).

Inspection and Monitoring

Companies in a variety of sectors use drones for inspection and surveillance work, thanks to their ability to access difficult areas and provide clear, detailed images(source).


The use of drones for aerial photography is subject to strict regulations. In France, for example, it’s essential to comply with the laws laid down by the DGAC(source). The same is true in other countries, so be sure to check local legislation before starting a drone photography project.

Drone selection

The choice of drone is also crucial in guaranteeing image quality. Renowned companies like DJI offer a wide range of drones equipped for high-quality aerial photography(official website).