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Which photographic bag to choose for a trip, a getaway, a city weekend or a nature climb? And what to put inside? Here’s a common-sense guide, with practical illustrations, to selecting your perfect photo bag.

Choosing the right bag and equipment is a constant source of worry, as it requires you to have thought through and even considered exactly what you intend to photograph and do on location. There’s no doubt that you need different equipment depending on whether you’re going on safari in Africa, hiking in Asia or spending a weekend in Europe! But as time goes by, the choice of equipment to take with you on your next trip is quicker.

Sailing a guide to help you choose the right equipment for every trip:

Don’t neglect the bag: you’ll be storing your camera equipment in it, so it’s essential that it’s well organized. A good camera backpack is a speculation that will influence your comfort and the quality of your photography: it must be comfortable to wear and allow you to access your equipment effortlessly.

In general, you should opt for backpacks. I really don’t recommend bear bags if you’re going to be doing a bit of walking. Additional capacity is essential. A small detail that is imperative for the trip is to have a rain cover for the camera bag.

On a trip, you’ll find yourself walking a bit. That’s why you need to get rid of bear bags. If you need to walk around town briefly with just one pair of spare lenses, a bear bag can be an excellent choice. You’ll be able to access its substance quickly and easily.

In backpacks, you’ll find two main categories: the mixed ones, and those designed to fit lenses.

The mixed bag is an excellent choice for travelers. The bag is generally less bulky and you have a partitioned compartment to store what you need to survive the day, without juggling several bags. In this category, Lowepro ‘s Fastpack extend is, or perhaps wonderfully, still offering that compromise between individual cases and photo gear, with generally quick access from the side.

To choose the right camera bag for your travels, you need to answer these three questions:

– Is the bag still portable after filling?

– What is the bag capacity?

– How durable is this bag?


The ideal photographic bag has the following qualities:

– It must be comfortable to wear all day long,

– It must be insulated:

– In addition to the camera compartment, it must have plenty of pockets and storage space.

– It must have a raincoat.