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Traveling is great, but taking memorable travel photos is even better. It’s hard to capture the beauty of a landscape, object or individual if you’re not a professional photographer. Sometimes you capture the perfect photo, unedited and purely by chance. In this article, we’ll be revealing some tips on how to get great travel photos, without having to be a professional.

First of all, it’s vital that you don’t get carried away with the way you take photos, and that you avoid comparing yourself to professionals. As you travel and enjoy your stay, photography takes a back seat. This is different from a professional who travels specifically to take photos; he’s bound to be better equipped than an amateur. To make the most of your travels, remember to live in the moment before you start taking photos. It’s also possible to do both in parallel, which is what we’ll discuss next.

First of all, good light rarely comes along, and if you want to take great vacation photos, we recommend taking advantage of it whenever you feel it’s necessary. These are essentially golden hours, when the light is golden and soft, corresponding exactly to the hours after sunrise or, on the contrary, just before sunset. You’ll be able to take advantage of shadows that aren’t too dense, low luminosity and contrasts that are easy to manage. A perfect combo for the photography enthusiast. To make the most of the beautiful light, we advise you to scout out the best exposed spots before taking your photos, and above all to use maps to determine the direction of sunrise and sunset in relation to your locations.

Secondly, make sure your photos are original. It’s inevitably easier and smarter to take photos of places not frequented by tourists. But it’s surely less wise to miss out on the great historic monuments that attract millions of visitors every year. So here are a few tips for capturing unique and original photos, despite the tourists. So you can capture the monument or location from a different angle to the one frequented by tourists. This in no way detracts from the beauty of the photo. Then, take advantage of certain times when the crowds are lighter, especially at first light. You can also opt for wider captures, which allow you to photograph more elements, such as surrounding vegetation.

Finally, give value to large spaces, while highlighting small silhouettes. The contrast is quite visible, giving importance to detail as well as size. This type of photography has become increasingly widespread, and allows the viewer to put themselves in the place of the person being photographed, right in the center of the large space.

In conclusion, it’s essential to make the most of your trip while taking into account these tips for capturing great vacation photos.